#atinylife Screaming

Today I have been thinking about…screaming.

IMG_6177 (1)

There are days when a scream is necessary. A good, bloodcurdling, frighten-yourself-with-the-noise coming from your mouth scream.

It’s a great life, if you don’t weaken.

Maybe your day, or week, or tinylife, has been too much. Everyone wants a piece of you, has already taken a piece of you – you are just a floating mouth, a pair of hands, ragged wisps, toiling for everyone else.


maybe you had a day, or week, when one email replaced your already wonderful tinylife with another, even more amazing tinylife.

In those first days all you could hear was people telling you the news, like an echo in a cave; you couldn’t believe them. But then one night you were driving out somewhere and you just had to pull over into a layby and scream. Maybe.

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