#atinylife Cat

Today I have been thinking about…my cat


My cat; black and shiny as lacquered wood

evenings, he’s in the lane yowling

every night, fighting too.

each injury a cool £60 at the vet,

early mornings, he wakes us from slumber,

eager for breakfast at half past five.

eating without competition after leaving the cat home

eked him out by a whole kilogram in a year:

entered our lives beautiful but shy, wouldn’t, couldn’t meet our

eyes, head down but purring, a vast purr, sitting just out of reach, his

eyes flashing, wanting, not wanting a stroke

easier now, he speaks to us in mrrps and ahoohs,

even sits on my knee some precious times,

entertainment bought by just a piece of string dragged slowly;

oh, how I love him, completing my house to a home,

wouldn’t be without him now. Cat



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