#atinylife Recycling

Today I have been thinking about … recycling.

There are no gendered jobs in this house; I take out the rubbish, Mr HB loads the washing machine. As gusts wheeze through the door, I wonder if the recycling boxes will blow over tonight, scattering a peek into our lives across the main road, creating mess instead of improving the environment, an anti-recycling.  Recycling

Cycling, perhaps.

This –  a token, collecting our multiple beer bottles and all my first drafts tattooed with red pen, keeping them out of landfill, a tiny gesture to the huge mess that we’ve made of the earth.

We are committed to it though.

We drank the beer, printed the drafts, guzzled the wine and enjoyed the Amazon deliveries in now-folded cardboard boxes.

It’s good to know they won’t be bulldozed into a mire of gulls, rot, heat and stench.

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