#atinylife Stars by John Donoghue

Cigarettes and Stars

When I’m smoking in the garden, I often look at the night sky. I draw on my cigarette and I gaze at the stars. Stars

Smoking and stargazing give me so much pleasure, separately or together.¬† The stars seem small, but of course, they’re not. The cigarette is relaxing and the stars make me dwell for a few minutes on their eternal beauty.

In those few moments, the ordinariness of life is suspended and I am left with thoughts of the distant past and the distant future.¬† It’s a comforting, spiritual feeling.

I’d like to know more about the life of stars: how, where and when to find them, without becoming an astronomer, but I don’t suppose I ever will.

So I will content myself in the night garden with a cigarette and the wonder of it all.


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