#atinylife Stars by John Donoghue

Cigarettes and Stars

When I’m smoking in the garden, I often look at the night sky. I draw on my cigarette and I gaze at the stars. Stars

Smoking and stargazing give me so much pleasure, separately or together.  The stars seem small, but of course, they’re not. The cigarette is relaxing and the stars make me dwell for a few minutes on their eternal beauty.

In those few moments, the ordinariness of life is suspended and I am left with thoughts of the distant past and the distant future.  It’s a comforting, spiritual feeling.

I’d like to know more about the life of stars: how, where and when to find them, without becoming an astronomer, but I don’t suppose I ever will.

So I will content myself in the night garden with a cigarette and the wonder of it all.

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