#atinylife FiveTwo

Today I have been thinking about…five/two. 

Not as in: adds up to seven, as in 500 calories per day, two days a week. Swept the country in 2013, was it? But in my tinylife I’m often late to the party. five two

Anyway, I did finally make it along, since the Spring of 2015 I’ve been a committed partygoer/convert.

My weight has gone up, down, up, down, since 1990: what a ride! Lots of things worked but never for a particularly long time. Unless you count psychosis. Which I don’t, by the way.

Brainwashed health-kick bore alert: I love it. It works. In case no one has ever told you before:


Not temporary ones anyway. But five/two is not only effective, it’s sustainable. Just keep to your fast days.

And if that’s not enough, on those days I’m more productive and energetic.

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