#atinylife Loch by Jennifer C Wilson


They say you miss what’s right underLoch your nose – they’re right. Despite living two minutes from the coast, I can’t remember the last time I sat and just looked out at ‘my’ patch of blue.

There’s something inspiring about water. This poem was written on a train passing Loch Lomond. I hope it captures the loch for you like it does for me.


Like a millpond

Today, the loch is a millpond;

let it reflect on your troubles,

carry them away as the water flows

luxuriously to the sea.


Today, the loch is a millpond,

still waters running in the depths

of your imagination, capturing

your heart, your mind, your soul.


Tomorrow, the millpond may vanish

into nothing, at the whim of the wind;

choppy as the sea, chopping away

today’s moment of calm.


So, focus on the millpond. Reflect.

3 thoughts on “#atinylife Loch by Jennifer C Wilson

  1. Reblogged this on Tales from the notepad… and commented:
    Today, I’m delighted to have wandered over to Stella Birrell’s #atinylife blog, with a short poem written as I travelled up to Oban by train. It’s one of my favourite places in the world, and one of my favourite railway lines, so it was always going to be a good poem starter!
    Thanks for hosting me, Stella.


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