#atinylife Self-Raising

Ingredients: Self Raising Flour 450g, Butter 110g, salt, enough milk to bind.

Method: Rub the butter into the flour and salt, add the milk, and stir the minimum amount to bind. Handle the mixture sparingly, stamping out shapes with your cutter of choice, wash with milk, and bake on a sheet at 200◦C for 12 minutes.


I’ve got everything I need.

I can’t manage with plain flour, oil won’t work instead of butter.

But others can.

Other people have to make do.Raising

Working the mixture between my hands, I bring happy thoughts to mind:

music in the kitchen helps.

Distracted, unhappy stirring makes your cakes sink in the middle,

your scones will crouch, flattened by your attention.

I pull the mixture together,

catching crumbs clinging to the side of the bowl,


trying not to mould too much, hold too much.


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