#atinylife Eternalhopelist² by Nicola Royan

At the top of my list of eternal hope is a tidy house. I’m not a naturally tidy person, so as a practical hope it is fairly pointless, but interesting as a symbolic one.

Sometimes, I read that hope as symbolic of the failures of a working mother: the inability to lay hands on the most recent bank statement or the vital leotard is proof that I am missing my maternal (and uxorious) Key Performance Indicators. This makes me cross.

At other points, domestic untidiness seems to mirror the complexities of work and the multiplicity of these current academic KPIs, many of which seem out of my reach. That makes me melancholy. Both make me mutinous.eternalhopelist squared

What to do? Reject the completely-internalised cultural hegemonies of domestic space and professional achievement? It would probably be easier to just tidy the house.

3 thoughts on “#atinylife Eternalhopelist² by Nicola Royan

  1. Reject cultural hegemony I say, and buy a gross of tileapps with your severance pay for those things that simply can’t afford to stay lost.

    (Yes, I’m looking at you, my wife, and the set of car keys that cost us $350 when we sold the Corolla.)


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