#atinylife Mess

Today I have been thinking about…Mess

Mess. Constant, self-perpetuating, frustrating mess. What’s so tiny or cheerful about mess?

Mess means that you own things. If you have a messy floor, it’s because you have a floor.

If you have stuff strewn all over a table, you own a table, and stuff, strewn all over it.

If you have toys underfoot, then you probably also have children. Yes, some adults own toys, but this is not a blog about that. Mess

If you are tidying a mess, it’s because you have time to do it.

I know you don’t feel like you have the time, but you are doing it, so you must have the time, somehow.

And maybe you’re tidying so you can Hoover™: it’s the only reason I tidy mess. Which means you have electricity.

Mess. A good thing.

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