#atinylife Fire by Di Hervey

Uyeasound Up Helly Aa


Dark nights and secrets,

Words cut short,

Explosions of laughter;

Bright, half sewn garments

Whisked out of sight.

Beards bristle, half grown.

Charity shops raided,

Those size 12 winkle pickers

Find a buyer; red bloomers too.

Beards bushy, wild in the wind.



Galley shed packed tight with guizers –

Space men, Salmon, Clangers, Nuns.

Generous tots poured by bearded Jarls,

Resplendent heroes, smiling now,

Yet fierce with shield and axe and raven helm.

Out into black night, torches held high,

Flames stream in the wind.

Upright in dragon galley,

Circled by torch bearing monster slaves,

A smile on his face,

Guizer Jarl, focus of fierce joy.

Arcs of fire as

Torches are tossed.

Deep roar of flame

Sparks brighter than stars

Gut wrenching awe

Recalls the nights those raiders came,

Those nights of fire and terror long ago.

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