#atinylife Sideways

Today I have been thinking about… looking sideways.

Looking sideways: not literally of course, that’s generally good practice, especially when driving. Left, then right.

No, I mean looking around at other people, in your field, in your industry, or in your community. Thinking ‘they are much more successful/talented/popular than me.’ Giving up a little. Checking who has the most likes or friends on Facebook, watching the stratospheric rise of a colleague, just plain wanting someone else’s raw talent instead of your own small gifts.  Wishing you had started sooner, rose quicker, ‘made it’. Made what exactly?


Remember about subjectivity. Unless you are the best in the world in your field (if that can even be objectively proved), someone is always ‘better’ than you.

More importantly, I remember – that when I’m only looking sideways, it’s not safe to drive myself forwards.

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