#atinylife June


The phrase ‘June is busting out all over’ was surely written by a parent with school-aged children. Before the summer holidays begin, every end of year concert, fundraiser, family festival, and good time is held: in June. June collapses under the weight of FUN. On any given Saturday you could be in at least three different places: Treefest in town? Fundraiser? Or the show that was so good last year?

Last year, by the end of term, I was a wreck.

It’s meant to be fun!

So this year, I’m going for the bare minimum.

Gigs on three weekends, a party on the other, my book launch, a friend’s dance show, and my son’s sponsored walk, teacher’s gift baking.

Yep. This is the bare minimum.

I hope to make it to July – to freedom – without breaking myself.  And just…breathe.

4 thoughts on “#atinylife June

  1. Fun and Joy, Celebration and Exhaustion, summaries and reviews in action….it’s all groovy but following this past weekend, I need some zzzzzz time never mind the kids :). Ahhhh, but Jena is right, it goes so so so quickly! In a blink of an eye, June is barely busier than any other month and the lull is felt, in time for Grandkids???!! Ah, it is right to slow down where you can. Savour ‘the few’ is far tastier than sampling of it all – inevitably there is no room left for the most delicious cake then. 🙂

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