#atinylife Wet Towels

Today I have been thinking about … wet towels.

It’s that time of the year again. Or is it just me? After the heat (ha!) of summer, but before the reactivation of the central heating, when the towels don’t dry through the day. After my shower, I wrap myself in damp fustiness, trying in vain to soak more moisture into the wet cloth.

But, as always, I remind myself that having a wet towel is having a towel at all.

Being wet is being clean.

And I can shower every day. In drinking water – it still amazes me that I shower in drinking water. Why?

There’s more. Clothes that go on afterwards. A warm cup of tea if I’m cold. A pile of dry towels in the cupboard, if I could only bother myself to fetch one.

A tiny, fortunate life.

Wet Towel

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