#atinylife Storage

Today I have been thinking about … storage.

As the laundry basket finally empties after a full month of overflowing, my thoughts turn to storage.Storage

I don’t have enough storage.

I have just about enough for my clothes, unless the laundry basket is empty. Books operate on a strict one in, one out policy. DVDs are regularly culled; thank goodness for Netflix. The CD collection is bizarrely exempt. In terms of work space– we actually have a hot desk in our house. I have press coverage and a contract and nowhere to put them.

But of course I’m going to say ‘but,’ and be grateful, for if I didn’t have a surfeit of items, how could I complain about storage? I’m also going to add a ‘let’s not hold on too tightly to our stuff.’

It’s not people. It’s only things.

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