#atinylife Trial

Helen’s Trial, The Archers.



Do you mind if I sit next to you?

Acting in self defence.


We were all listening very carefully.


Being pregnant doesn’t make you mad.

Sob story about being raped –

there’s always some excuse, isn’t there?


It’s my handbag, it’s wrapped around your chair.

Nice to have something pretty to look at.

She hadn’t realised how bad it had got,

how a real man uses his fists


It’s always the man’s fault:

the way he was built,

aren’t you supposed to obey your husband?

I’d have loved to stab my partner.


He took on her sprog.

He took away every last thing about her identity.


We have to keep faith that justice is possible.


Let’s get out of here … please don’t cry


They weren’t lies.

I’m not going to let you start again now.

I’m free.

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