#atinylife Rain²


Today I have been thinking about…rain. It makes the crops grow, my mother used to say. I bet yours did too.

I’ve got to say that it’s small comfort when you’ve left for the school run in brilliant Rain Squaredsunshine, and are therefore unprepared for the deluge of – ouch, is that hail? – appearing halfway up the road.

When the jackets are still wet from yesterday and you can’t find the waterproof trousers: and the car’s in the garage, before you ask. I’m not voluntarily walking in this downpour. When the children are actually screaming with outrage as their non-soluble skin has been exposed to the horror of pure water. You drag them on, trying to remember whether Acid Rain is still a ‘thing.’

Just dreich, cold, dripping, numbing: horrible.


But…it does make the lush, green, sustaining, miraculous crops grow.


4 thoughts on “#atinylife Rain²

  1. I like walking in the rain. Real rain, that comes down like stair rods and bounces back up off the ground to meet you. It lets me think, the steady noise calming my ever-rushing mind. It doesn’t rain properly here, just drizzles that fine misty wetness leaving you unsatisfyingly damp. Unless I’ve got my glasses on rather than my contacts. Then it’s just a pain in the bum….

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