#atinylife Flash

I’ve just turned right at that corner that is so sharp that a right turn is literally straight on. There’s a tractor up ahead.

Not particularly noteworthy, I live in the country, and it’s harvest time. I love everything about living in the country including tractors: graceful giants, with almost-always friendly drivers, happy to wave back when they pass my son in the street.

This tractor has a fetching swivel-orange light. Like a siren. But orange. I slow down, but keep coming.img_9745

The tractor flicks its lights to full beam and back. Oh.

I slow down further.

The tractor flashes its lights brightly, strongly. I stop the car at the side of the road.

The tractor passes. It’s not a particularly wide load.

What was that all about?

Driving on, I realise. And switch my own headlights off full beam.

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