#atinylife Waving

Today I have been thinking about…waving.

I’m just back, and was driving through the village when I got stopped at the only set of traffic lights. As I sat and waited, my friend, her husband, their son and their wavingdog crossed in front at the pedestrian crossing.

By the time I had managed the soft beep, rather than
the hard parp that is easier, all but the husband had disappeared through the doorway to the woods.(Yes, in our village, we have a doorway to the woods.)

But I waved, thinking, ‘I’m in the wrong car, I’ve got sunglasses on, he doesn’t know me well. Hi!’

He looked, and then waved back. And before the lights went green, my friend had reappeared, waved, and her son had popped his head back through the doorway and waved too.

Village life.


5 thoughts on “#atinylife Waving

    1. Aw, sorry Samantha! I’ve lived in cities and market towns (but never in absolutely the middle of nowhere) and the village thing suits me so well. I’m glad that came across – but didn’t mean to make you sad!


  1. Oh, I love this! I love waving at people, even if I don’t know them. Do they think I’m crazy? Perhaps, but no matter what, they always smile when they wave back — and I have a 99% wave-back rate! And that’s the point, really, isn’t it? To bring a smile to someone’s face always makes me happy, and they are happy and then they are more likely to spread happy.

    Can you imagine what this world would be like it everyone waved and smiled at each other?

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    1. Absolutely! We should start a waving revolution. In the Shetland Islands, everyone used to wave at each passing car – it’s not done so much on the mainland now, but on the outer islands you can genuinely wave at every car you pass. It’s wonderful.

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