#atinylife America

Meeting Americans and wondering why the Scottish are renowned for being friendly.

Eating tacos with hot sauce for breakfast.

Dancing to James McMurtry singing ‘Red Dress.’

Being offered a seat on the veranda at John Floores Country Store because my husband ‘was wearing a cool T Shirt.’ Becoming lifelong friends with those people.

Grackles, Vultures, Red-tailed Hawk.

Drinking alcoholic milkshakes in a Diner where the waiters and waitresses get up on tables and sing.usa

Walking the Highline and bathing my feet in the water.

Meeting someone who is related to Emily Dickinson and immediately being invited to visit.

Actually, being invited to visit by almost every American who has ever befriended me on Twitter or Facebook.

The people I love, who choose to call it home.

And the autumn leaves of Massachusetts – which I have never seen in real life.




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