#atinylife Welcome

Today I have been thinking about … welcome.

Specifically, when I’m not welcoming. It’s a bit smug to be musing on ‘flinging wide the gates.’

Sometimes I don’t invite people, when I’m off to do something. When company would be nice.welcome









I’ll think about asking someone to our local pub for cake on a Thursday morning, or over to my house for a bit of music, or back to the pub for a glass of wine. But then, I think ‘oh, but he’s too busy,’ or ‘she is having a difficult time,’ or ‘they are struggling with other stuff, they don’t want me bugging them.’

But that’s not the right way to think about it. If people can’t come, they won’t. But the welcome, the invite, the circle should always be there. Otherwise, what kind of a friend are you?

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