#atinylife Wood

It was just an ordinary day.

Logs arrived while I was out, so that was good planning.

When I got home, Mr HB had gone to get the children from school, stacking half done.

So I rolled up my sleeves. Figuratively of course, it’s winter –and started moving the logs from the lane to the wood shed.

I could see the children way down the lane when they came back and they stacked the wood too, one more willingly than the other, but they were both ‘encouraged’ to help.

Then the light deepened and pinkened and I knew it was sunset even though we hadn’t seen the sun all day.

Bathed in a rose tint we stacked wood, complainedlogs about having to help, blew on our painfully frozen fingers.

An ordinary day.

Wood, sky, children, work, cold, light.

Extraordinarily ordinary.

2 thoughts on “#atinylife Wood

  1. There’s something inordinately satisfying in stocking the wood shed. Ours comes in a trailer-load, eight or so huge wheelbarrows, piled high with a jumble of shapes and sizes. The weight of the wheel leaves an indentation on the lawn as it pushes through the grass, to be upturned at the doorway. I won’t wear gloves, I love the feel of the wood to much, so splinters be dammed. I love way the stack build, sizes dictating their placement, planning and logic making order from chaos. Gratitude we can afford to fill the space.
    I’ll still grumble a little about having to go out in the cold to bring some in though…

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    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who is obsessed with the log pile. Even though they are delivered by a van, I still feel cave-womanlike. Make fire! Be warm without the radiators!


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