#atinylife Bluelight²

I know, I know.

I wrote about ambulances just the other week there.

But honestly.


We were coming out of the cinema,

and the traffic was what I thought was Sunday-night busy.

It turned out everyone was sticky-beaking

at the accident,

and when it was our turn to nose out into the flow of traffic

– our lane was perfectly clear by the way –

I slowed down too.

One car had shunted another.

Everyone looked OK.

The ambulance was there, not rushing off, which I always take as a good sign.


Four … fire-fighters?



Fire-fighters, probably.

were pushing the car

out of the road

so that we could all get home.

One had the car door open and was pushing both in and outside the car.

They were running.

Running the car off the road.


So we could get home.


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