#atinylife Hoovering

‘Can you do the hoovering?’

I’ve been ill for a week, (I know, I’ll stop going on about it soon, I promise). Once I could look around me again, I saw the familiar piles of earth from school shoe grips, little pieces of paper from the last craft project, and the wispy dust that seems to come up from the floor itself.

‘Can you do the hoovering?’

On the second day, I was well enough to hoover myself. But it was the principle of the thing. Why should I hoover now? Why hadn’t he hoovered while I was in bed? Why is the hoovering ‘my’ job?

‘Can you do the hoovering?’

The third day, I asked this of myself. He can’t do the hoovering. But he’s always working – against the box he was put in as a boy. It’s enough.

4 thoughts on “#atinylife Hoovering

  1. I feel your pain. N has an aversion to hoovering as his mum used to wake him as a teenager by hoovering violently against his bedroom door…. He also claims the Dyson is the most over-thought complicated tool ever. And yet he’s not rushed to use the replacement Vax either…But I think they’re genetically programmed to Not See dirt. Mine doesn’t so much come up from the floor, as come down from above – beamed ceilings are not your friend, no matter what the style magazines say!


    1. Arg yes beamed ceilings, I dread to think! Funnily enough, Tammy messaged me along those very lines this afternoon. I doubt very much they are genetically programmed to not see dirt, but am happy to accept ‘generations of social conditioning.’ That was kind of what I was trying to say, that Mr HB works hard against the conditioning, all day, every day, so I try and cut him some slack sometimes. I think I may have tried to say too much in my 140 words this week! (And I agree with N re the Dyson! I love my Henry.)


      1. In fairness, N does all the cooking, plus his laundry, so he does buck social conditioning. But genuinely doesn’t see mess. I’m hoping the long-handled broom and dustpan I’m about to buy will help with both his cleaning aversion and beam dust. I really don’t get out much…


      2. Well, this is it. Mr HB does loads, especially when I’m off ‘being a writer’ or ‘having a virus.’ Not sure why this is in inverted commas, I did have a virus! So I let him off, and hoovered. You can’t sweat all of the small stuff.


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