#atinylife Politics

I don’t do politics.

‘I’m so bored of politics.’

We’ve all seen this on our newsfeeds, school run, or workplace.

Well, first off, I’m grateful that I have a choice.

For so many, talking about politics is dangerous, and I don’t mean they might lose a few friends for banging on about things that they think matter.

For others, a life without politics in it is harder, if it’s not safe for you to go home anymore…

Or if ever since you were born, the colour of your skin means more than anything else you might feel, know or have to offer.a-simple-pictorial-representation-on-politics

I try to remember: from when I get up, switch on the kettle, eat, drink, send my kids to school, drive on our roads –

that’s just the first half of my morning!

It all relies on politics.

2 thoughts on “#atinylife Politics

  1. So true. I think the posturing of (some) politicians and political foes have created disinterest and distrust – blanketing understanding with emotion. Politics is seen as “written with a Capital P” – when, in essence, politics (small p) – underwrites our lives, beliefs, opinions, options. Hurray-e for politics and every one of us being political. Somehow.

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    1. Yes absolutely! I’ll drink to that 😜 during the Scottish indyref I knew a lot of folk who just didn’t want to talk about it, and while I wanted to respect their choices I found it difficult – it was a chance to really talk through everything we wanted, as a whole nation, why would you pass that up? Even doing and saying nothing is a political act.

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