#atinylife Cups

Seems like the easiest thing, when you see it on YouTube. You bash the cup around, and it makes a pleasing, percussive sound.Cups

I had learned the ‘other’ cup song years ago, with my husband’s daughter. We had never laughed as much together as we did that night. And I mastered it, eventually.

So when a friend showed me a video of ‘Royals’ by Lorde, with cups, I left her house as soon as it was socially polite, (OK, possibly sooner) to try and work it out at home.

After kitchen table practice, we tried it together in public. I’ve been going to that particular music session for ten years, and have never been given a request …  not that I’m bitter – that’s not what the session is about. But suddenly:

‘Play that one with the cups again, you two!’


2 thoughts on “#atinylife Cups

  1. Oh man. I know it’s big-headed to say this since it’s us – but it’s just so good! I’m glad we filmed it. We’ll be the two in our nursing homes banging our cups about and croaking out what the staff think of as our old-fashioned song about gold teeth and grey goose when we’re 90. Good to have this record of it!

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