#atinylife OverShare

I was an over-sharer before that was even a term.

As a parent, it gets me into loads of trouble. My kids are six and eight now, and I love that they ask the most brilliant questions.OverShare

‘How did you meet Daddy?’

This went well. I talked less about love at first sight, so that it was realistic: what relationships are actually like. (Because we must all mitigate against Disney every day.)

‘What’s my birth story?’

Not as successful. I told the truth, that it was really, really sore and we nearly didn’t make it to the hospital in time. I also told them about going round the Carfraemill Roundabout banging on the car door and going Aaaaaaaaaah! I may have put them off children for a while.

‘What’s abortion Mum?’

I still told the whole truth. Was that OK?

4 thoughts on “#atinylife OverShare

  1. If they ask the question – answer it :).

    Funnily enough I never forget my mother answering youngest brother during car journey. Approx age of brother – 7 or 8. Bull in field mounting cow.

    Mum, what’s that bull doing?
    It just wants to see over the wall. (Delivered in matter of fact tone, didn’t miss a breath).

    Oh, okay.

    Conversation done, both parties completely unconcerned.

    Years and years later it still brings a crinkle to my lips. Children ask and filter whatever can be processed at any one time :).

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    1. Thanks Lori – when you put it that way, it does seem like the right thing to do. Ha! Great story. A dear friend did say that if they can’t handle the info, they just won’t remember. Thanks for reading.


  2. Love the bull story. You are right about the filtering. My son asked me how babies were made 3 times over about 5 years. I gave the same answer each time but he just spaced it off until the last time, when he went slightly red and never asked again. I think it was processed that time!


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