#atinylife summerrain

Ten things I love about summer rainfall

OK, for some of us, it’s been hot and sultry. But for others, it’s been a damp summer so far. So why’s that automatically a problem?Summer Rain

  • It gets the birds singing! (OK, they’re being territorial.)
  • It gets the earthworms wiggling – pink and naked – on the green, green grass…
  • Elderflower blossom – any blossom – smells much more intense.
  • It frightens away bite-y insects. Except for midges. Nothing scares off midges!
  • The ‘sturm and drang’ of an electric thunderstorm. Bring on the forked lightning!
  • Watching sparrows queue to fluff their feathers in a fresh flowing puddle of water.
  • A summer soaking is really revitalising. Especially after a long run.
  • It showers sticky city pavements to carefree cleanliness.
  • Rainwater tastes fantastic (watch the animals head for it).
  • It’s free… as in ‘the best things in life are’.


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