#atinylife Clothes Shopping²

Clothes Shopping (1)‘So the deal is, if I like it and you like it, it’s a possible, OK?’

M&S: a long look in the so-called ‘girls’ section, and a quick sweep of the so-called ‘boys’ section.

My oldest is displaying a pathological fear of the colour blue. It reminds me of how my husband’s son used to feel about pink.

‘What about this one?’

‘It’s blue.’

‘It’s blue and white striped! It’s a girl’s top.’

‘I don’t like it. It’s too plain.’ What, it’s a top in good taste? I thought. ‘You said …’

‘OK, OK.’

‘What about this one? This one is nice.’

‘Yes, but I don’t like it.’ I say.

We cross to another shop. I’m beginning to lose hope again.

‘I like this one,’ my oldest says. And so do I. ‘And this one.’ Me too.

Thank you, Next.

2 thoughts on “#atinylife Clothes Shopping²

  1. Love it, should send it to all kids shops. Who said clothes are gender specific anyway. Wear what you Will, you only get one shot at life, to be happy, be yourself. Xxx


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