#atinylife Summer


I made it.

One more week of school –

I started singing the kids a song along these lines every morning

at this time of year.


I’ve downloaded YouTube kids to the TV in preparation…

I mean – we’ll be going for lots of healthy walks

and learning a language over the holidays of course.


It’s been lovely to have you along with me.

Thank you for liking, sharing, and commenting

on my tinylife posts.

You guys make me so happy. Thank you.


I’m going to take a few weeks away.

Summer Break

For some of them I’ll be under canvas (!)

it seems a good idea to take a break.


I hope you have a tiny summer:

that is, not a short one,

but one filled with tiny moments

you can hold onto, and appreciate.


Love, Stella.

Tinylife will be back in September.

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