#atinylife shoes – a guest post by Joanne Baird, Portobello Book Blog

There’s been a lot of debate about girls’ shoes lately.

The stereotypical names – “Dance Honey”, “Dolly Babe”

Their impractical flimsy nature which doesn’t allow for splashing, running, playing

Unlike the corresponding boys’ styles – “Long Jump”, “Harlem Racer”

Does it get better with ladies’ shoes?

I don’t want fashionable. tinylife-shoes.jpg

I want shoes I can wear for more than one season.

I don’t do heels. Ever. I want practical not painful.

I don’t want to pay £70 or more for something that falls apart after one summer.

I want shoes that don’t look like my granny’s, without costing a fortune.

Too much to ask? It seems so.

Men have it easy. Everything is strong, practical, functional.

There’s too much choice, yet not enough.

I don’t fit the stereotype – and I hate shoe shopping!

While we’re on the subject, I don’t do handbags either…..


5 thoughts on “#atinylife shoes – a guest post by Joanne Baird, Portobello Book Blog

  1. Moulding.
    To be feminine you must wear……

    The trappings of stereotype. That said….I wear truly ‘wearable’ – I have no choice and shoes sit in my collection for years normally. Maybe I don’t get out enough! Still – more choice would hopefully relate to more styles and imagination around ‘who the wearer is’ 😊

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    1. Yes, it’s funny that the idea of wearers don’t seem to figure in the planning of which shoes will be available for women! So many people responding and hating what’s available for us!


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    1. I guess so Chris, I suppose I always hesitate to offer an unpaid opportunity as I believe passionately that creatives should be paid for their work. But I do like a wee guest post and I love working with other writers!


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