#atinylife Screen

Sometimes taking them off the screen feels almost masochistic.

Watching TV, or playing on a tablet, they are silent, biddable (as long as they don’t argue about turn-taking!). I can read, tidy, cook, without interruption. It is also the only way my two will relax: otherwise they are kind of feral.

Now they’re back at school – away from me sometimes – well, this weekend I was stricter. And you know when your kids do something, and you think ‘HA! Rookie Error. You have just proved me right?’ No? Just me?

I went through to the living room with the hoover, and the oldest

tinylife screen


one was playing. The. Ukulele.

This child has not played a musical instrument without nagging since they started piano lessons.




I can’t say I’m looking forward to the backlash, but I will be removing screen time more often.

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