#atinylife Tablets

So last week, I was persuaded to go to the Doctor. I have been ‘out and proud’ about my mental health since suffering two episodes of psychosis in my late teens.

But I didn’t realise I was still ashamed. Happy to be medication free since 2003, (and not just because it rhymes), over the 14 years since I have tried a range of things to stay off the daily tablets.

  • Counselling x3
  • Diazepam (for the bad days)
  • Meditation
  • Leaning on friends
  • Maintaining a tinylifetinylife Tablets

Last week, it became clear that my less-than-good mental health is not something that is going away any time soon.  I thought I didn’t care about the stigma. I do care. But not enough to risk my health and the wellbeing of those around me.

So, I’m back on the tablets. And I’m getting on with my tinylife.

6 thoughts on “#atinylife Tablets

  1. Love your courage Stella. I “confidently” tell people I’m on anti-depressants but all the while I watch for signs that they think less of me. I don’t know if there is a stigma, or if I only think there is. But I’m going to keep being honest, because my mental health is me. *high five*


  2. The stigma is other people’s reactions. I’ve got more thinks thoughts but my brain’s fuddled. But ultimately, sometimes you can wait a headache out, sometimes you need ibuprofen. And there shouldn’t be a difference between dealing with physical or mental health illness. And one day, there won’t be.


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