#atinylife twinkle

It’s Christmas in tinylife land: I wonder how you are? Perhaps you’re a Christmas person, perhaps you aren’t.

I don’t mean a ‘Christmas person,’ as in someone who enjoys Christmas and all its trimmings, I mean that I’ve been trying to remind myself that not everyone on this little planet actually celebrates either the coming of Jesus or the turning of the year from shorter and shorter days to longer and longer ones (especially if you’re in a different hemisphere!).

tinylife twinkle

I wondered how I could write something that didn’t assume Christmas was central to you, a kind of inclusive good wish.

Here goes:

however, and wherever you are – I wish you a twinkle. Not from that specific stable-based star, just a glimmer from everywhere. A twinkle to light your path, and lift your spirits.

tinylife will be back in January.


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