#atinylife 140…280?

tinylife 140 280This post is long overdue.

I am the sort of vague that doesn’t necessarily connect the increased word limit of a social network that I based my blog design on, with said blog’s design post length.

So: to 140, not not to 140? That is the question.

Will the significance of the number 140 fade into obscurity? Should I allow myself the number of words per blog post to always match the equivalent number of characters in the modern Tweet? What even is that, these days? I’m just getting a circle – my tweets are somewhere between a half and a waxing moon.

After two full years of blogging, I’m starting to feel connected to my tinylifers (thanks guys!). Something is beginning here.

140 it is then, for now, perhaps forever. I can cope with the number obscurity. I hope it keeps me from rambling.


4 thoughts on “#atinylife 140…280?

  1. Hello! Yes, stick with 140- it’s you! And in years to come, you’ll have fun reminding people- “oh remember when Twitter first started…” just like how I tell my kids, “When I was a girl we only had 3 channels on the TV “ but here’s a thought for you – do both! I’ve been thinking about occasionally doing a “long-form” post and you could do the same thing. Every so often you might want to expand your topic to 280! Whatever- keep writing

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