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Years and years ago, an advert came on the TV that spoke to what I had been trying to do in a small way ever since I came back out of hospital after psychotic episode two. Piecing myself back together, explaining why it was taking so long, meant I had to talk about my mental health.tinylife SeeMe



I’d never wanted to hide what happened – I’m an oversharer, in case you didn’t already know – but I didn’t realise this was a bold choice at the time.

Two weeks ago, I was invited to meet with See Me to talk about writing for them. The organisation has loads of active volunteers who are doing all sorts of cool stuff all over Scotland – but what’s missing is people to write up, share and champion this work.


I’m excited. It’s a perfect fit for me.

4 thoughts on “#atinylife SeeMe

  1. Stella,

    Thank you for this. I have had (and still do) a number of friends who have struggled with health issues mental. Finding the right help and support is so difficult as each person’s experiences/ /feelings are unique. A broken leg/arm is just that, emotions and feelings are not all or much the same. Navigating your way around NHS , voluntary and private services is another nightmare to contend with, waiting lists and lack of help available is, quite literally, soul destroying.

    See Me is an invaluable opportunity for folks who are in the midst of such health issues ( I am not comfortable with the use of “mental” when discussing emotional health) and I will certainly signpost folks to it in the future along with continuing to access the interesting and informative website. Again, thank you, Annie x


    1. That’s just how I feel Annie – if you had a broken leg you would take the tablets but for antidepressants or similar there is this weird stigma. Even I felt it, going back on a daily tablet last year – but I feel so much better for it.


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