#atinylife Patience

I have never been patient.

I want it yesterday. I rush things and make silly mistakes in them.

I thought thirteen drafts would be enough. But it’s not.

tinylife Patience

I’ve been working on my second novel for two years now, and it’s not ready. I had the amazing opportunity to pitch it to a literary agent last weekend, and she told me exactly what was missing, what I still need to do.

Of course I would have loved to have been told that it was ready, and that I should start submitting! I’m OK though. It’s worth it. This novel is literally the best idea I’ve ever had for a book, if I’m going to get representation, I feel it’s my best chance.

And it is teaching me about writing. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

You have to become patient.

5 thoughts on “#atinylife Patience

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I’m slowing myself, too. I’ve learned more about writing so now I know what a complex process is required to write a book. An dI do want it to be my best. So I’ll be thinking about you as we slowly create!


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