#atinylife Patience

I have never been patient.

I want it yesterday. I rush things and make silly mistakes in them.

I thought thirteen drafts would be enough. But it’s not.

tinylife Patience

I’ve been working on my second novel for two years now, and it’s not ready. I had the amazing opportunity to pitch it to a literary agent last weekend, and she told me exactly what was missing, what I still need to do.

Of course I would have loved to have been told that it was ready, and that I should start submitting! I’m OK though. It’s worth it. This novel is literally the best idea I’ve ever had for a book, if I’m going to get representation, I feel it’s my best chance.

And it is teaching me about writing. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

You have to become patient.

5 thoughts on “#atinylife Patience

    1. Well, yes! Not at the time, I came away quite downcast, but with some thinking and processing I feel better. Thanks for being here for the journey! Hope I have something to share with you soon. Xx

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I’m slowing myself, too. I’ve learned more about writing so now I know what a complex process is required to write a book. An dI do want it to be my best. So I’ll be thinking about you as we slowly create!


    1. You learn so much with each book! It’s astounding. Part of me wishes that my first attempt wasn’t out there in the world, but then I wouldn’t have friends like you, so…


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