#atinylife educate

‘Ug I hate that phrase. It’s so sexist.’

‘What phrase?’

Bang for your buck. It’s clearly a reference to sex workers.’

‘Is it?’

‘Isn’t it?’

‘Dunno. I thought it was about fireworks.’


‘You know, if there was a way to check…’

‘… you mean like a magical encyclopedia on your phone? OK. Let’s see…

Bang for the (or one’s) buck, which means ‘value for one’s money’, was originally a political one. Its first use was quite literal: With bang referring to ‘firepower’ or ‘weaponry’, it really did mean ‘bombs for one’s money’. The alliteration of bang and buck helps to make the phrase memorable. (Random House, via Wikipedia)”

‘There, you see. Isn’t education a wonderful thing?’Bang for your Buck

‘You’re just delighted I was wrong.’

‘Not delighted. I’m pleased for you. You’re growing.’

‘At least I can admit when I’m wrong…’

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