#atinylife Blankie

BlankieYou know when, at last, you make it to the sofa for a bit of TV, and you wrap yourself in the blanket, and take a deep cleansing breath, and –

ew. What is that smell?

Yes, it was the living room blanket’s biannual wash night the other day, and I got to thinking. My sister bought me that blanket, just after I had moved out from home. At first I didn’t think I liked the colour.

But it was huge and comfy and I brought it – and four boxes of books – to Mr HB’s house. I have a photo of his daughter, now 21, asleep in it, aged about 8. My youngest two fight over it every weekend, watching cartoons.

I know it’s only a thing, not a person, but it’s a special blanket. Now and then it deserves a good clean.

2 thoughts on “#atinylife Blankie

  1. Stella,

    Never any good at leaving a comment on your page hence e mail.

    I must get Colin to teach me how to reply to Tinylife properly!

    Again, loved your tale about the blanket, yes, just a “thing”, but a “thing” filled with love and happy memories, thank you!

    Annie x

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