#tinylife Zero Damage

‘I take zero damage from zombies, dungeon slime and cochineal beetles.’

How lovely! I thought. Wouldn’t it be great if you took zero damage from life?

Zero Damage

If we could go through life without hurt feelings or hurt bodies, no diseases or chronic conditions? Never having a heart broken. Not getting that cold that starts as a streaming nose, turns into a throat full of blades and then a chest like a tight sleeve straining to let air through. Never caring about what other people think of you. No coughs that just won’t go away. No aching limbs, no migraines, no scary diagnoses, no chronic pain, no broken bones. No death, no grieving.

Do we have to feel pain to experience love?

So, if anyone’s looking for me, I’ll be in Terraria. (It’s a computer game.) I take zero damage there.


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