Cheryl Smith #atinylife Cornwall

So, France is for the future, but for now, roots must be planted in Cornwall, which is almost as different.

Let me count the ways…

  • They have their own language, used on street signs and buses only.
  • Possessors of Scottish accents are exotic. And no, I don’t know Andy Murray.
  • It‘s inappropriate to be offended by otherwise patronising endearments. Everybody is everybody else’s ‘andsome, sweetheart and lover.
  • To someone who could drive through six county boundaries in an hour back home, it seems vast, and self-contained. Many natives see no reason to leave.
  • The beaches are magnificent and, at the right time of year, secluded.
  • Sunsets can be breathtaking.
  • The delightfully alliterative obsessions are pasties and Poldark. Both must be indulged in.

Disclaimer: Given that residency is granted only after seven generations, these first impressions may not be accurate.

Cheryl Smith Cornwall



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