#atinylife Never Will I Ever

‘When I have children, I will NEVER…’

Hands up who said this when they were young? We were so innocent, weren’t we?

My (latest) infraction has been screen. As children, we were never allowed to watch breakfast TV on a school morning, and I had maintained this rule with my kids.

That is, until they both got Gmail.

And stopped getting out of their beds and getting ready for school.


I realised that, if I offered computer as a reward, jobs would be completed, pianos practised, clothes applied, teeth brushed, and snacks would be packed into school bags. It was a mini-miracle.


My no-screen rule is gone. I won’t hold onto rules to be stubborn, or prove to myself I stick to my word. I might be embarrassed with myself but life will be easier: why wouldn’t I change?

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