#atinylife Pink

As we know, I’m not a huge fan of the binary, so you’ll forgive me when I say …

… there are two types of parents …

the ones who, when their kids say ‘I want pink hair,’ say ‘tough bananas.’

and the ones who say:image1 ‘great! Candy pink, or hot pink?’

I’m not proud to say I’m the first kind. I would say it’s because of the potential damage in dying it so young.

But I would be lying.

It’s because I worry about being judged by other parents. Teachers. Folk at church. Complete strangers in the street.


So here’s to the parents of the pink-haired kids. They are more child-centred than I could ever hope to be. It takes a lot to say ‘yes,’ when you know some people might say ‘what was she* thinking?’

*(and yes, it is always ‘she!’)

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