#atinylife BikeYogaMum

Ha! Who knew that cycling, yoga and parenting could be such an interlocking gift?

Picture the scene (if you look after kids, it won’t be a stretch), you are taking the kids out for a bike ride, but the littler one has hit his leg off his bike, has a huge meltdown and refuses to go.

Instead of using the normal things (threats or bribes, of course!), this day I found myself doing some yogic breathing.

And it worked!

Cycle Yoga Mum

I didn’t mind that he seemed very upset, I was pretty sure he was OK and just required some fresh air and exercise.

We got out for our cycle. He did 5k. I didn’t scream at him, or take away SCREEN TIME, or offer to buy him something I couldn’t afford.

Yoga rocks.

And sometimes, as a parent, so do I.

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