#atinylife reading with kids

**Usual disclaimer: I am not a non-key worker, so this may be an irritating read for those who are.**

Do I wish the kids were still in school?

Ha! Take a guess.

That said, we are happy with our little weekday timetable, which includes free time all day Wednesday, and Friday afternoon. My oldest shared that they hate not having a written structure for the day, and will even request one at school – who knew?

But by far my favourite half an hour is 9-9:30 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. We all read in the living room. Because of family tinnitus, there’s a CD on in the background, so it’s an opportunity to put on some of those albums that are ignored in favour of Spotify these days.

just reading

That peace of three or four people in a room. Just reading.

#atinylife Zoom review

Disclaimer 1: I’m not a keyworker, so this may grate if you are.

Disclaimer 2: I love my huge crazy family.


This Easter none of the family met irl. Like many people, we took to Zoom to play games (well, actually, mostly to play Werewolves of Millers Hollow), so there was at least a chance of the cousins joining us.

The benefits of meeting this way!

The mute function. With my lot, the host’s ability to mute everyone except one person is ground-breaking.


Seeing everyone for an hour or so, instead of a weekend in one house. There is a running joke in our family that the first five minutes of any family visit are the best.

Getting to chat to the tweens/teenagers. Usually they are off with their cousins, and quite right too.

I miss the hugs, but my kids don’t!



#atinylife stayhome

It’s Saturday night,

and I’m in.

I’m usually in, on a Saturday.


I saw friends and family today,

in little boxes on the computer –

it’s so much better than nothing.


I keep watching something

or reading something,

and forgetting.


And then I think ‘oh, yes.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic.

The last one was about a hundred years ago.’ stay home


I’m not even following the news much,

it feels irresponsible, but I just can’t

listen to the same story, but with bigger numbers, every day.


And I think, ‘I’m not

doing anything. Do I have anything

to write about?


There are stories out there

that are much more pertinent,

than a person who sat at home on Zoom during the pandemic, and found it quite difficult to write her weekly blog, all of a sudden,

but was basically fine.





#atinylife iso pods

If you are a keyworker – well, thank you, for a start. Also, this blog might grate a little. Feel free to scroll by!

I have loved and listened to podcasts for many years now, but I thought given that some folk might be at a loose end at the moment, I would write with some recommendations.

First up: Caught. This is a mini series about juvenile delinquency and privilege. It was made in the USA but the take-homes are universal.


A bit less heavy is: So I got to thinking. Juno Dawson (swoon) and Dylan B Jones are going through every Sex and the City episode in order and answering Carrie’s question.


Dead pan comedy: Heavyweight  features Jonathan Goldstein mostly being funny but also acting as an ‘interlocutor’ for people with communication issues.

If you listen/enjoy, please let me know!