#atinylife iso pods

If you are a keyworker – well, thank you, for a start. Also, this blog might grate a little. Feel free to scroll by!

I have loved and listened to podcasts for many years now, but I thought given that some folk might be at a loose end at the moment, I would write with some recommendations.

First up: Caught. This is a mini series about juvenile delinquency and privilege. It was made in the USA but the take-homes are universal.


A bit less heavy is: So I got to thinking. Juno Dawson (swoon) and Dylan B Jones are going through every Sex and the City episode in order and answering Carrie’s question.


Dead pan comedy: Heavyweight¬† features Jonathan Goldstein mostly being funny but also acting as an ‘interlocutor’ for people with communication issues.

If you listen/enjoy, please let me know!

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