#atinylife quantityparent

Given I’m one of the ?lucky few parents that stays home, I’ve always considered myself a ‘quantity’ parent. My thinking is: I am available at all times, so I only need to make myself semi-available. I’m also ‘allowed’ to tell them to go away with monotonous regularity.

But we are in this new weird world now and I’m even more aware of the mental wellbeing of my kids than usual. Have you seen that thing on Facebook about protecting them from trauma, not homeschooling them to within an inch of their lives?

your children are exactly where they need to be

So, I’m trying. Yes, I’ve ignored a child because I’m writing this, but I’m writing this in the same room as another child, so they can have company. I left a Zoom party yesterday because one of them was having a meltdown. Perhaps I can quality parent, too.

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