#atinylife calling out

As the parent of a non-binary child, I find myself often – too often – in the position of ‘calling out’ certain behaviour online.

I used to enjoy grammar policingcalling out until someone accused me, correctly, of snobbery. I spend a lot of time trying to remember how to respond when Mr HB says, ‘Stella, that’s racist.’ (Top tip: defensiveness is not how we learn. Top tip 2: we are all racist, whether we care to admit to it or not.)

I don’t relish calling out a person for pronoun use, or transphobia, or just a  not-thinking of making an online comment that is damaging/othering/offensive to the community that parent the LGBTQ community. Maybe it looks like I enjoy it.

I can assure you: I write the comment.

I worry about it.

I brace myself.


But not saying anything at all? Not an option.

6 thoughts on “#atinylife calling out

  1. there will all ways be people there views/judgements very Snotty Nosed .I GET THEM GREAT DEAL
    BEING .DISABLED ..do not listen .take no notice ..i have m.e long list health issues .migraines have
    BOTH Bladder and Bowel problems/i take part in a lot lot Research
    my blog.http;//mark-kent.webs.com


    1. Thanks Mark! I would love to feel able to ignore the comments…but this blog was about calling out behaviour related to respect of my child’s identity. As a fellow migraine sufferer, I bet you get a LOT of ‘have you tried..?’ It drives me up the wall! My favourite was the idea that putting your shower on cold after you’re done will cure stress. Er…no? Sending love to you, sounds like you have enough to deal with without other folk’s ‘opinions’ too. Thanks for reading.


      1. i am from Cambridgeshire.England .few times yes it gets too you.i would say i am older than you
        People have Called me .SnotFace VERY BAD HAYFEVER ,..People have Called me Piss POT
        Because i have Bladder/Bowel problems ..I AM A PERSON .i have m.e.. BECAUSE I was Abused
        as a child.i am Alive …i get very bad migraines nausea then i am Vomiting all over
        i am co-Author of a book .JUST PUBLISHED.about Disability and Sex
        can give you a Link

        mark.what bullying have you had


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