#atinylife sticks&stones

We cycle most days at the moment – changed days indeed! I remember early on in lockdown puffing and panting up a hill (to be fair, I have just been diagnosed with asthma, but also to be fair there have been a lot of crisps lately). Some ‘well-meaning’ gentleman made a comment that he was walking faster than I was cycling.

That was kind.  sticks&stones

A couple of weeks later my lovely next door neighbour saw me saddling up my two-wheeled steed and said there would be nothing left of me soon. This, despite the fact that he has probably never seen me fatter.

That was kind. He’s a great guy.

As a family, we agreed this morning that some people could benefit from being a bit more aware of the people exercising around them. But if they can’t say something nice…


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