#atinylife whatdidyouDO?

Apparently, it will become a ‘good interview question.’ What did you accomplish in lockdown?

I was surprised to realise I am fit now. I haven’t been fit since before my first child was born. And let me assure you that I have not become thin – no matter how many kilometres you cycle, if you come home and eat crisps and drink beer, then…


I can cycle many kilometres, though. Up hills and everything. It’s a pleasant side-effect of taking the kids outside every day.

However, I didn’t write the great British novel or anything. You must be kidding! I have two kids –  and our homeschooling was excellent – but I was required to be there while they went tippity-tappity on their laptops. I didn’t manage to write much beyond this blog. Which helped me feel connected –

so, thanks,

for sticking around.

7 thoughts on “#atinylife whatdidyouDO?

  1. I have no kids them school, no work form home demands. I haven’t written my great play. It turns out am not productive during a pandemic but so I far I have survived and so have those I love. ~result.


  2. We do not have a beautifully tended garden. We didn’t redecorate the lounge. We don’t have a tidy house. So it turns out that we weren’t too busy to get things done, we’re just too lazy! 😁

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  3. Yes, my sister and I have said that we are so thankful that our kids are grown and we didn’t have to deal with homeschooling and entertaining/nurturing them during this time. Bravo to you!


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