Administrative Services

I am available for the following administrative services.

Minute Taker/Committees Administration.

Proof Reading/Copy Editing for students.

Editing: Fiction/Poetry

Specialised Sensitivity Reading 

Here is some feedback I’ve had from my work:

‘Stella was the very first reader of my fourth novel, and I was incredibly grateful for her services.  I was looking for someone who would both beta read the first draft, but also offer a sensitivity read on a particular aspect of the plot.  Stella was incredibly flexible and gave insightful, practical in-line suggestions through the manuscript, along with an in-depth reader’s report that really helped me when I came to complete the structural edit.  All in all I can’t recommend Stella highly enough as a reader, she’s worth her weight in gold.’

Claire Askew, Poet and Novelist, Bloodaxe/Hodder & Staughton

‘<Headteacher> also asked me to pass on his appreciation for sending the minutes so quickly, it makes a huge difference getting them so quickly after the meeting and I agree completely.’

Parent Council Chair, 2020